slixol manifesto

In 2019, we had a bold idea and embarked on a project that had always been our true calling. We combined our sales expertise, passion for creative design and marketing, and molded it all into what is now known as slixol media.

We built it from scratch and we’re still pushing forward with the same drive and enthusiasm we had from day one and continue to eagerly pursue our simple goal:
satisfied partners and a portfolio of projects that we can all be proud of.

We don't take ourselves too seriously. But when it comes to our clients, we mean business. We don't believe in stuffy titles, because let's face it, they're often just for show. Instead, we prefer to build our team with people who bring something extra to the table. And that's why our colleagues aren't just coworkers - they're also our friends. Our friends with benefits.
colleagues with benefits*
*more than colleagues: good friends x colleagues

our colors

We believe in giving our team the freedom to take professional risks because we trust them. We encourage our colleagues to make independent decisions that benefit our clients.

Radical accountability and honesty are core principles that every member of our team embodies. Our priority is the success of the team over individual egos. We pride ourselves on having an open-minded approach.

We know that the best work comes from actively listening to each other. When many talented individuals' unique perspectives and hard work come together, they form a cohesive and successful outcome.

slixol team: harmony of contrasts