Our partner wanted to supplement their revenue with direct advertising while achieving maximum profitability.


The project’s narrowest intersection was the outdated webshop system based on functional and design criteria. Testing this was our main objective in the first stage of the project.


Thanks to the market’s operation, high-quality campaigns, and the partner’s exclusive brands, we were able to achieve order volumes and profitability that far exceeded expectations using a campaign structure primarily based on Google tools. The partner was so satisfied that they started working on the webshop development project, which had been ongoing for several years, with us. We are currently working on it.


Without disclosing specific figures, we can say that the direct advertising branch generated such a significant increase in revenue for the partner that we had to temporarily halt the campaigns. They had so much work that they couldn’t keep up with the capacity.

83 days

we maximized the company’s human capacity, and we had to stop the ads.


return on investment for Google ads


minutes of Zoom conversation

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